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Welcome to Pitbullmedia.ca, a different site with a different approach.

Our goal is to curate content and comments about a range of subjects and issues weighted to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, sometimes referencing international developments.
Make no mistake. We’re not mainstream media so our take is going to be somewhat, shall we say, contrarian, snippy, cynical and sometimes outrageous.
That said, we will always be civil and respectful, even though we may disagree with mainstream thinking. We may even disagree with ourselves, posting contrasting comments on the same subject

Ian lunching with sharks

That’s the fun of having a contrarian website where the Bark always has Byte.

We’re not a soup-to-nuts catalogue of everything under the sun. Instead, we focus an eclectic variety of subject matter: technology, politics, finance, health, public policy and most importantly, people. We profile interesting people who are passionate about what they do, who love to share their passions. At the same times we’ll indulge some of our passions for food, travel, entertainment and sports.

We hope you enjoy the site. We hope you’ll leave civil and respectful comments, agreeing or disagreeing.
And if you want, you’re welcome to contact us and submit your own articles for publishing.

Meet the Team

Ian Harvey: Principal Curator.

Everyone has a story to tell – I help you share it with the world. So, simply put, I tell stories for a living and always have.

I am a rider, not a biker

I started out as a journalist and spent 23 years in newspapers before moving to a marketing company and then, for the last decade or more, freelancing my diverse skill set to an even more diverse set of clients.

I’ve been at it for more than 40 years and truth be told probably since I started talking.

Sadly, journalism has changed and the industry which supports it has changed also, but story telling remains. Today, I write for and create content for a range of media, from websites to print, video to social media for specialty publications and corporate clients.
And still it’s all about telling stories.

Rusty, the original Pitbull in media

I research issues and create background papers for corporate clients such as PR agencies, I provide media training and media crisis communications preparation programs for companies and I also help shape press releases for clients, usually working with boutique PR agencies who bring me in for my specific media expertise or for small companies who can’t afford $300 plus retainer for the big PR agencies. My rate is $75 an hour.

More recently I’ve been telling other peoples’ stories as a ghostwriter; editing, designing and producing memoirs for individual clients. They are people who have had successful careers and led interesting lives through turbulent and dynamic times and want to share their stories.

If you think I might be able to help you with a project or need, please just drop me a line. There’s no commitment to a conversation and I’m always interested in a good story.

I tell stories. Tell me yours and I’ll help you share it with the world.

Keith Beckles: Principal Curator

Like Ian I have many interests.

I have done a lot of things in a relatively short amount of time.
Some would call it restlessness other ADD.
Either way if I am interested in something I will dive right in.
When I was a very young man I wanted to be a journalist, like my friend Ian, I wanted to tell stories.
Unlike Ian I quickly became disillusioned for a great many reasons.
Fast forward many years and the internet has given me a platform to talk about things I like and causes I consider worthy.

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