Doug’s Kicking Ass!

Doug Ford is right. We need to build build build and create jobs jobs jobs.

By IAN HARVEY Principle Curator

Great to see Doug Ford standing his ground.

We’ve been 20K short each year for 20 years on housing starts in the GTA. BILD has been saying that for a decade. Or More. So has RESCON. Here’s a story I wrote a couple of years ago. None of this is new.

Just to catch up to demand we need 2 million new homes.

Add in the flood of immigration from the Federal jump in quotas plus all those 800K international students and we are so far behind it’s a tragedy.

In fact the only columnist who has got it right so far is Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun. He’s a renegade, of course, not following the approved narrative laid down by the opposition which is, Doug’s corrupt, the government is corrupt and Ford’s buddy developers are making $8.3 million overnight. They must have paid him off!!
Lilley doesn’t think so. Read his column here and avoid the Facebook ban.

We need those 1.5 million homes from the realigned greenbelt lands, noting there are 2000 more hectacres added over all and that there are 800,000 hectacres of greenbelt, so what we’re talking about is a drop in the bucket.

We will also need those 2 million homes on the land that the “experts” aka NDP opponents say are available and that the greenbelt lands aren’t needed.

I will also note the same discussion about using greenbelt is underway in the UK where the Labour Party (!) has made housing in greenbelt part of their platform.

Finally, realize that these aren’t public lands. This is not parkland. This is privately held land that was sold privately at an agreed price.

Also, realize the developers have not made a $8 billion windfall. Not at all. They are legally committed to building affordable rental and housing plus hospitals schools and infrastructure.

That’s going to cost. And the way to get affordable housing built is to cut some of the input costs and carrying costs.

There are no $3 million mansions, despite the BS from the NDP.

Has any reporter gone and asked the previous owners of the land if they have regrets? Felt ripped off. They got the cash with zero risk.

Why are their voices absent? Because they’re happy with the deal they made.

You know, developers around the GTA landbank for 20 30 40 years or more. Scarborough was mostly owned by two Joes, Skapura and Lebovic. They bought banked and built over 40 years.

Big developers like the Degasperis Ellis Don and others work on 20 and 30 year horizons. They have the deep pockets to take on these projects.

Who did you think was going to build these structures? Bob’s Carpentry and Painting?

Not surprised there were only a few developers involved. No one else is big enough of able to finance it. ConDrain is the biggest sewer and waterworks contractor in Ontario if not Canada and North America.

These developments mean jobs for LIUNA the Carpenters IBEW Plumbers and Steamfitters HVAC guys and so many others.

And it didn’t cost taxpayers a dime. Not a dime.

We’re getting her done boys and girls.

Building Ontario.

Out with the old, in with the new. That’s real progress.

The progressives can kiss Doug’s ass.

Jobs jobs jobs and new housing. Win fucking Win.

Stop whining.

BTW Ontario place is still a dump. So is the Science Centre.

We need a destination location for ALL Ontarians not just cycle set from the Annex.

But that’s a rant and a Facebook work around for another day.