Net Zero Means You Pay

Dan McTeague is a former Liberal MP who went on the run Canada’s Gas Price Today and now heads Canadians for Affordable Energy.
Here’s his latest.

Net-zero by 2050 means that in thirty years all the emissions produced in Canada will be either completely eliminated by replacing hydrocarbons with renewables or will be offset by so-called green fuels, tree-planting or buying carbon credits. 

Dan McTeague

Today, 87.1% of energy produced in Canada comes from hydrocarbons. The remaining production comes from hydroelectricity (7.5%), biomass (3.5%) nuclear (1.9%) and non-hydro renewables like wind and solar and tidal (0.1%).  If it were a simple arithmetic calculation, this would mean we would need 12 times the number of hydro dams, or 25 times the number of biomass (wood-burning) facilities, 45 times the number of nuclear facilities, or 870 times the number of wind/solar/tidal facilities to meet net zero. 

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