The Trojan Horse of Climate Change: Revolution versus Evolution

By Ian Harvey/principal curator

I caught George Monbiot’s latest video the other day and it struck me just how placid and logical he sounds. That is, until you listen to what he actually says and consider the disruptive and destructive consequence of his rhetoric.

Monbiot is the darling voice of the Cult of Climate Alarmists whose religious fervour drives Direct Action groups like Extinction Rebellion and is one of the key narrators behind Greta Thunberg. Listen to her prattle on and you can start to pick out his key phrases.

She is a Monobot, if I can coin a phrase.

Climate change, as Monbiot explains, really isn’t about climate. It’s about tearing down Capitalism and instituting a New World Order.

Ultimately, it’s about destroying Democracy and instating new mechanisms of government. You see it echoed everywhere by the Plague of Wokeist infecting social media these days.

Now this sounds great to some people until you start to consider the real implications of this New World Order.

Just take Monbiot’s writing in the left wing Guardian newspaper over the years.

First, there would be no fossil fuel. Second, you won’t be allowed to own a vehicle – though of course the ruling class and the rich will have their own EVs of course. Meat will be banned and we’ll be forced on to a plant based diet. One of the ways to do that is banning fertilizers which are made from Natural Gas. This means crops will fail.

Look at Sri Lanka. Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau has similar plans. As do the Dutch. Cut Agriculture by 30%. Save the planet, condemn the humans to starvation and poverty.

Shopping will be banned. You’ll order everything online which will be shipped from central warehouses.

Travel will be restricted. You’ll be allocated travel allowances for business and maybe pleasure but the number of miles you fly in a year will be set and you will not get travel authorization if you exceed them.

So that trip to Australia is fine but you won’t be able to fly anywhere for two years after that.

The New Government will make decisions by committee. So every decision will be viewed through the lens of collective good, racial justice, economic justice and, of course, climate impact.
Of course, what he doesn’t explain is the mechanism to effect this change or the unanswered questions of what happens in the unlikely event it is achieved.

Let’s run quickly through the logistics first.

Without Fossils – oil and gas – there are no hydro carbons which are the building blocks of modern engineering.

From Polycarbonates used in reading glasses to the sterile plastics used by hospitals to the very things used to fabricate windmills and solar panels, we need oil and gas.

Let’s not even mention heating our homes, heating the baby’s bathwater or cooking. Though they can be done with electricity the cost of conversion is horrifically expensive and a burden on all but the rich and this only further creates an economic divide.

While you won’t own a vehicle there will still be lots of vehicles, all requiring electricity to charge. Planes, trains, trucks and ships, of course, will continue to consume fossil fuels.

Banning meat means creating a new and massive supply chain to create farmland to grow the proteins, to transport them to be processed and then transported again to point of sale.

It’s a challenge not likely to be solved quickly and, goodness me, it will require fossil fuels in abundance.

The Covid lock downs have driven many of us to online shopping and it’s worked quite well. But there are things we like to buy in person and for many, shopping is a tactile, sensual experience and sometimes, as I have observed, a social bonding experience among women. I find it hard to accept women will just give up shopping which raises the other question about what to do with all those displaced retail employees and the real estate where malls used to be.

Restricting travel is also not going to fly with the rich and the governing classes who will all still want to go to their climate conferences, Davos meetings and various sympopsiums, though the themes may change somewhat. I suspect they might gather to talk about Deprogramming Climate Resistors or Underground Meat Agriculture: Tell Tale Signs.

And if you’re looking for a pushback try telling Canadians they can’t escape south in winter.

As for government will make decisions by committee. Yeah. That won’t take forever to get a decision will it? Or end up as a bureaucratic morass?

Why, though, are these items worthy of notation?

Think Trojan Horse. It’s not about Climate Change. It’s about wholesale change.
Climate Change is the Trojan Horse into which those who would disrupt and destroy our societal infrastructure have packed all their resources.

They want society at large to be fooled into opening the gates to admit and accept their Trojan Horse on the grounds that we’re going to save the planet.
They have repeated the lie of Climate Crisis so often, like monks chanting a mantra, that some have started to believe it.

There is no Climate Crisis. There is climate change and we can adapt incrementally as theorists like Bjorn Lomborg suggests in his book, False Alarm.

Bjorn Lomborg

That’s not good enough for the Zealots and Monobots. They want revolutionary change now.
The coalition inside that Climate Change Trojan Horse tells the story. It’s a classic version of Sun Tzu’s Art of War in which one of the key wisdoms holds that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Thus we have the Vegans, the animal lovers, the Marxists, Communists, Leftists, ANTIFA, anti resource development idjist as well as the Climate Zealots all packed in together.

Again, though, no one has really considered the physics and the impact if they did get their way. There isn’t enough electricity on line or coming on line, the grid needed to carry it is woefully inadequate, wind and solar are inefficient and all but useless without large scale storage and the materials needed to make batteries – even if we’d agreed on a design – is largely controlled by China or needs to be mined and lacks the infrastructure to extract, transport and process it in Canada. Add in that these self same groups will protest any mining development in Canada and tie it up in red tape as they have successfully with pipelines and oil and gas  and you have technology solutions that either don’t exist or are not feasible and won’t be for 50 years or more.

The reality is the solution to electricity demand is nuclear and they’re never going to accept that are they? So it’s another stand off. We’re got a situation like California in June 2021 begging EV drivers not to charge their vehicles on the grid because a heatwave (in California is summer? Must be Climate Change right, not La Nina) is prompting people to turn on their AC at full tilt.

That’s the problem with short sighted planning.
Put all that aside, however, and consider the human behavioural aspect.
Aside from further dividing and polarizing communities, rich and poor, have energy and have not energy, have food and have not food, there’s the political aspect.

First, when you ask voters as they did in New York City and Switzerland, no one is willing to either pay higher taxes to fight an imaginary foe as per late George Orwell’s novel 1984. Or it ranks climate well below more pressing issues such as crime and violence and affordable housing and lately high gas prices and inflation.

On the other side of the coin are the politicians. If those inside the Trojan Horse ever do accede to power it won’t belong before the rhetoric over who’s on top begins.
What comes first? Racial justice? Social Justice? Economic Justice? Climate Justice? Animal Welfare Justice?

It would be an interesting battle of competing interests to observe if not for the deadly serious destruction of our democratic society it would take to stage it.

Then there’s the other Trojan Horse off in the distance.

You may have heard of the Great Reset as cooked up by an elite group of global super rich capitalists and government leaders. It’s been parroted as Build Back Better but it’s really a restructuring by government for government with the tacit support of those super rich globalists.

In the World Economic Forum version, we’re often told, you will own nothing, rent everything and be happy.

In reality it’s a Fascist State run by corporations and a collective of super elites which includes politicians who will decide where you can live, what you can eat, where you can go and what you can have.

Ironically, it’s the flip side of the Monobot’s dreams except they’re not in control. We just won’t call it capitalism. We’ll call it the New Capitalism, Green Capitalism, EnviroSocialGovernance….yeah that’s it. ESG.

Two sides of the same coin using climate change and poverty as a Trojan Horse to force their agendas.
Here’s the thing though.

Capitalism works. It’s not perfect but then neither is democracy but it is the best system we have. I would say predatory capitalism is an evil and there are other aspects of market manipulation such as cartels and monopolies which under mine the concept of a free market. Thus we rely on regulators to referee a defined playing field.

Can anyone point out a socialist-communist state with central control which has responded to consumer needs and served their community and allowed freedom of choice, speech and movement?
Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North Korea? China?
Please don’t point to Sweden or I will slap you. (Here’s a backgrounder on that).

Free markets solve problems because there is a motivation to do so.

Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft all evolved because they filled a need, a demand.

We managed to create and deliver a vaccine against Covid because capitalism works.

The housing market might work better if there was less government restriction and red tape. But that could work both ways. Government would impose housing projects on communities. Or developers could cite the Reset and impose.

Solutions to emissions will only come through capitalism. Forcing them or interfering with the market is not viable.
Let the market choose what works and doesn’t work whether it’s battery technology, electric cars or ground source heating.
When it makes sense economically it will become the solution of choice.
Meanwhile the Cult of Crisis says we haven’t got any time to waste.
They’ve said that for decades. Remember Al Gore?
We’re supposed to be underwater already.
NASA’s James Hansen, before he switched to warming, was warning of a global ice age.
Which is it?

That Trojan Horse must be pretty crowded.
Me, I’ll take evolution over revolution.
It’s much more civilized.