Vaccination Passports

They’re coming

Vaccination Passport

Vaccination Passports, are coming whether you want them to or not. 

Covid-19 caught us off guard and we spent an inordinate amount of time mitigating the damage.
The Vaccination Passport is coming; perhaps we should be finding solutions that lessen the damage that their implementation will surely bring. 

In the post COVID world there will be a need for Vaccination Passports. And while this requirement will very likely be inevitable, there are a fair number of individuals who feel that this is somehow an encroachment upon their civil liberties.  

“Too much government” or “Big Brother” watching over you. The Orwellian scenario may or may not be the case; I’m not here to debate that. What is clear to me however, is that in a lot of instances these initiatives will be business driven.   
The climate in North America right now, is one of distrust. Conspiracy theories abound and even the most basic fact is viewed with suspicion. If we are to find a sense of normalcy the onus will be on businesses to provide a safe environment for their workers and customers. There is simply not enough trust in government and they are reticent to take part.
If the government will not intervene then business owners must take it upon themselves. Business owners who provide access to travel or entertainment, wherever people gather, will have to protect themselves from lawsuits. Lawsuits from both their employees and the customers who come into contact with them. That being said, they will want to have proof of vaccination in order to allow the interactions so necessary for their respective enterprises to survive and once again flourish.
Whether you are the owner of a cruise line, an airline or  a concert promoter, it will behoove you to have a system in place where you can ensure that everyone participating in your event is safe.   

Passport Benefits

With a “Passport” you can show that you have taken at least some degree of responsibility for your patrons. For me, the caveat comes with the curation of the information.
While not keen on the government capturing and having jurisdiction over this aspect of my person, I’d much rather have it in the hands of the government than private companies who could use the information at their whim.  Suppose a young music enthusiast wants to see a Korean boy band in the near future  – I can see a scenario in which the concert promoter has a system where the concert attendee could provide proof of vaccination that would be presented upon entry. This system could have just a picture for identification, first name, last name and vaccination status. 

While it may seem like an intrusion and an infringement on your rights, I can remember back to pre-9/11 travellers or could just stroll onto an airplane with their Driver’s License and have little or no scrutiny.
No wands waving, no belt or shoe removal. When these measures first came in people were shocked and railed against them. Despite the fact that security was increased for the greater good, people still complained about “their rights”. Fast forward 20 years and airport security is run of the mill. Change is always met with resistance.
There was a backlash against radio, there was a backlash against television and recently there has been a backlash against social media. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Covid-19 caught us off guard and we spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with the fallout.
The Vaccination Passport is coming, perhaps we should be finding solutions that mitigate the damage that their implementation will surely bring rather than fighting the inevitable. 
As is usually the case, we shouldn’t be afraid of the change.