Second Wave?

Seems things will get worse before they get better

Second Wave?

The second wave is the big one.

Now that we appear to be at the beginning of the second wave of COVID-19, most people are willing to admit that it is not a world wide conspiracy foisted upon us by Lex Luthor and Bill Gates. There are many sources for information on the pandemic. Johns Hopkins is a good one, or Our World in Data. The one I consider the most accurate however is the Worldometer Corona Virus stats. All these sites provide the raw numbers along with informative graphs and charts that illustrate the severity of the outbreak.

Of course there will still be doubters. Those few who refuse to wear masks and claim that it’s a socialist plot. The typical conspiracy theorists who think there is a child pornography ring in the basement of some pizza restaurant and Hillary Clinton is behind everything. For those people I suggest you “do some research” (they have always done research) into excess mortality.
If you you do the math you might find the numbers line up with what the experts are saying.

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