Capitalism sucks. Do you have a viable replacement?

Andrew Roman is a retired lawyer of some repute who has turned his attentions to misinformation and critical issues of the day.
In this Blog Post he challenges the premise that for things to change capitalism must fall. Indeed, tearing down capitalism is a basic demand of neo Marxist groups like Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter.

He writes: “Tearing down capitalism is a basic demand of neo-Marxist groups like Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter.  They argue that capitalism was installed, or has evolved, to ensure oppressed people remained oppressed indefinitely, while their oppressors remain in power. These views of capitalism lead to demands for defunding police (who are there to protect the oppressors), emptying jails (because all prisoners are political prisoners of some form), and tearing down the courts, at least long enough for the revolutionaries to build their own courts and install their own judges. 

“If you ask 10 different people to define capitalism you will get 10 different answers; likewise socialism.  Famous US economist Milton Friedman defined socialism as meaning that the government owns the means of production.  Many others would define this as communism.  Other commentators would define countries with government provided healthcare systems, such as the Scandinavian countries and Canada, as being socialistic despite their private ownership of the means of production.”

Again, we urge you to read his post.

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