History isn’t always politically correct

Larry Elder

Radio host and writer Larry Elder has a contrarian take on race and politics and he’s not shy of sharing.
His columns are often a must read because they add a perspective and a voice to the debate which if he was white, would be shouted down.
But Larry Elder is Black. He’s educated and articulate and though many Black activists on the left call him an Uncle Tom, he shrugs if of. In fact he’s made a movie about it, called, Uncle Tom.
Elder points out some inconvenient truths, that our heros, regardless of race, are human and as such they are flawed.
From Malcolm X who railed against Jews and called the white man “devil” to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who expressed advice considered homophobic today.

Dr. King

Humans are flawed. They are imperfect. And that’s reality.
As William Shakespeare wrote in Julis Ceasar: “The evil men do oft lives after them; the evil is oft interred with their bones.”
Sometimes, when we want to be selective, it’s the other way around: The evil is buried with them and their memory is cleansed.
But that’s because we’re all human and ultimately, all imperfect.

Have a read of this column from Larry Elder and see what you think.