Ungrateful Americans LOL

A lot has been written about American over the last four years. We won’t comment on that.
But we do like Tristan Hopper’s take on the American Revolution.
You made a big mistake, chaps, but pay your back taxes and we’re sure the Crown will settle amicably.

By Tristan Hopper
National Post

To be clear; Canada loves you, United States. You buy our oil, you made Drake a superstar and you haven’t invaded us for 205 years. As Poland and Ukraine keep reminding us, we really couldn’t ask for a better superpower neighbour.

However, just because it all worked out doesn’t mean that starting a brutal war over a tax dispute wasn’t a bit of an overreaction. As the National Post’s own Conrad Black wrote in a 2013 history of the United States, the Founding Fathers “do not deserve the hallelujah chorus ululated to them incessantly for 235 years.”

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