It’s nice when people say nice things about you. Here’s some from my Linked In Profile

“An excellent writer,inceptive interviewing and a great skill in journalism. honest and accomplished as a teacher. extremely well skilled with the computer and in fact finding.”

February 13, 2015, Dr Harold Stein, client.

“Rarely have I had the pleasure to work with someone like Ian. His writing is compelling and his ability to mentor juniors is inspiring. His years of experience makes him one of the best in the biz.” April 7, 2010

Robert Newman, Senior Copywriter, The Loyalty Group
reported to Ian at Pitbull Media

“I worked with Ian at FYI Toronto (Sun Media/Canoe). He was one of the most aggressive FYI team leads. He was willing to test and improve on many ideas. Very much an idea guy who thinks out of the traditional media/journalism box. If you’re looking for someone with skills and that can really contribute to a project – I highly recommend Ian.” March 4, 2010

Jose Leal, Vice President and GM, Canoe Inc.
managed Ian indirectly at Pitbull Media

I worked with Ian on several projects for Reader’s Digest. As an editor of several of his stories, I knew I could count on Ian to cover all the angles thoroughly; and as an in-the-field collaborator on other stories, I witnessed his hard work first-hand. As well as being reliable, he has a great sense of humour and is a joy to work with.” March 1, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Liz Crompton,
hired Ian as a Writer/Editor in 2005, and hired Ian more than once

“When Ian Harvey worked at the Toronto Sun, he was indeed a “pitbull” when it came to chasing down the news, and connecting all the necessary dots to accurately paint the proper picture. When the occasion presented itself of the two of us working on the same story as an assigned unit, it was no worries. He knew the game.

The same can be said of Ian as a freelance journalist. You do not survive in that game unless you are a “pitbull.” You have to be aggressive, you have to be good, and you have to be in relentless pursuit.

Ian Harvey, to continue with the “pitbull” analogy, is like a dog on a bone.” February 27, 2010

Mark Bonokoski, Columnist, Toronto Sun
worked directly with Ian at the Toronto Sun.

“Ian Harvey has a inquisitive mind, great energy and a huge heart. With these talents, one might expect Ian to be a strategist and team player; an artist and innovator; or an executive and trusted advisor…and, one would be severally correct.” February 11, 2010

Tim Murphy, Senior Vice President, Strategic Ventures, Loyalty One
managed Ian indirectly at Loyalty One.

“I worked with Ian Harvey at the Toronto Sun for a number of years and always found Ian to be an enthusiastic, productive, resourceful journalist who knew how to get the best out of himself and others. More recently, I have followed Ian’s career from afar but have always been impressed by his initiative and talent as a communicator, a writer and an editor.”February 15, 2010

Alan Parker, Editor in various capacities at Toronto Sun, Sun Media
worked with Ian at Pitbull Media

“I hired Ian on short notice when the previous contributor cakked out. The organization was in turmoil and there was nothing easy about working for us. Ian never complained, he just did great work. I particularly appreciated the creativity he brought to the job, the depth of his knowledge and his ability to understand what was expected of him – and then to exceed that. Ian took risks for us – some worked out instantly, others needed work Ian was always willing to go the distance. All Ian’s work for me was excellent, but my strongest memory is that he was a pleasure to work with.” February 10, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Johnny Lucas,
hired Ian as a Writer/Editor in 2008, and hired Ian more than once

“Ian is a seasoned writer and natural storyteller whose pearls of wisdom often appear in a bubble as I’m struggling to find the right words to finish a sentence.” February 10, 2010

Robert Kerr, Student, Centennial College
was with another company when working with Ian at Pitbull Media

“Ian Harvey and I worked many years at The Toronto Sun and private projects,I would recommend Ian anytime he’s very experienced and reliable writer with knowledge in many different aspects from conventional media to the latest social buzz.” February 10, 2010

Juan Fanzio, photographer, Toronto Sun
worked with Ian at Pitbull Media

“I can attest that Ian works hard and fast with the complete understanding the mediums he works with, whether it’s the so-called old media or the vaguely defined new media.
Ian is a great tab writer, able to get to the point with only a few words. He may have not known, but I quietly watched and learned from him while he was the crime bureau chief at the Toronto Sun.
He is also quick to adapt to new technologies quickly.
In short, he’s good.

Rob Lamberti
Crime Reporter, Toronto Sun
worked directly with Ian at the Toronto Su