This is my website. Actually this is my third website under the banner of The first was around 2005 with Front Page, the second was five years later with Joomla! and this is my current version using WordPress.
It’s a little light on content yet since there wasn’t much point in bringing over a lot of the other content which was dated.
The truth is I had planned in 2005 to blog and run a content rich site but then I got busy. Billable hours are always going to win over idly messing about on your computer.
So in 2010 I wanted a site which would be easier to post to and most blog orientated.
And a funny thing happened. I got busy and I found that I had much more fun on Facebook where I could entertain my friends and enrage them.


And here we are at 3.0. This design allows me to poly post to Linked In, Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.
In the weeks and months ahead I’m going to post more content here first and then co publish to Facebook and Twitter and maybe Linked In, depending ont he nature of the post.
Or I could just get busy and not do any of it.