Oh, heck the media just called…..

I know some people panic when the media calls but they shouldn’t. Any opportunity to tell and share your story is an opportunity to enhance your brand.

As I said, I’m a story teller and together we can share your story with the world. Except I won’t be standing there holding your hand and feeding you the script.

Nope. Better yet, I’ll teach you and your key team members how to deal with the media.

My media training seminars are a one day event and they’re fun! We’ll go through how to develop a media communications plan, how the chain of command should react, how to designate a spokesperson and what to expect when responding to a request for an interview right down to how to act and appear on camera. We even set up a camera and record some mock interviews.

I also offer a higher level seminar on media crisis communuications. Again, it’s a day long and designed to help you and your team map out a crisis communications response plan. Just like a business disaster plan, it sets out the protocols of who does what and who is responsible for both internal and external communications.

Email me for more details.