For 23 years I worked at King and Sherbourne Streets at the Toronto Sun.
When I arrived for my first day of work, Jan. 1, 1979, it was a much different neighbourhood than it is today.
Change, of course is part of life and no where more is this apparently than east Toronto.

Toronto’s prevailing winds are west to east which meant the big fancy houses were initially built in the west end, around High Park and Parkdale. The east end was the recipient of their smoke, fumes, and dried horse fecal matter. It was for the poor people who worked in factories.
Times obviously have changed. The pace of change around the east end is mind boggling.
The Toronto Sun building, 333 King St. East is now the Coca-Cola building. The Sun is moving to Bloor and Sherbourne Sts. to join its new masters at PostMedia. The Globe and Mail is moving into a new tower being constructed in the east parking of the old Sun building.

Wow. Who would have thought that back in 1979?

Anyway, here’s a story I wrote for the Toronto Star about a funky, interesting project being built on Berkley Street and Parliament St.