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I’m a storyteller and always have been.

Everyone has a story to tell – I help you share it with the world.

I started out as a journalist and spent 23 years in newspapers before moving to a marketing company and then, for the last decade or more, freelancing my diverse skill set to an even more diverse set of clients.

I tell stories for a living. Yep. That’s it. Simple. Sorted.

I’ve done it for nearly 40 years and truth be told probably since I started talking.

You can see my career history here for the more relevant parts.

I write for mainstream publications, like The Toronto Star and Globe and Mail and from time to time for magazines like Maclean’s and Canadian Business. I also write regularly for niche and specialty publications like the Law Times, the Daily Commercial News and the Bottom Line.

Journalism has changed and the industry which supports it has changed also, but story telling remains the same and I have adapted as well.

Today, I write for and create content for a range of media, from websites to print, video to social media and even live speaking engagements. And it’s all about telling stories.

I research issues and create background papers for corporate clients such as PR agencies, I provide media training and media crisis communications preparation programs for companies and I also help shape, pitch and chase press releases for clients, usually working with boutique PR agencies who bring me in for my specific media expertise.

More recently I’ve been telling other peoples’ stories as a ghostwriter; editing, designing and producing memoirs for individual clients. They are people who have had successful careers and led interesting lives through turbulent and dynamic times and want to share their stories.

I do that.

It’s an offshoot of ghostwriting columns or other articles for people to help raise their profile or highlight their corporate interest on a particular topic.

If you think I might be able to help you with a project or need, please just drop me an email. There’s no commitment to a conversation and I’m always interested in a good story.

I tell stories. Tell me yours and I’ll help you share it with the world.